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The following are two e-mails about BMW. One was forwarded to me and the other was sent to me directly. In the case of the BMW dealership employee I've withheld the name and dealership so as to protect the source from any retribution. People though are speaking up both privately and publicly, the issues are on the table for BMW to address or continue to ignore.

Read and decide for yourselves whether you think that they have internal problems. I've done extensive research into this talking to hundreds of people and I certainly do. In the end, it affects many people, customers, dealers (who want to make a living), as well as BMW itself. If you want to read my proposal to BMW click here, if you want to listen to the audio files click here.


David H. Park

BMW Dealer E-mail

Hi David

Wanted to write this "off line" as I work part time for a BMW dealership and don't really want my opinions publicized.

Over the last few years I have become terribly disillusioned with BMW's quality control and their deteriorating attitude towards the BMW customer. The fuel injected F650 has been a continued series of failings in so many areas that I am surprised the NTSB hasn't ordered a complete recall - buyback of the line. The stalling issue alone should have done it, but it didn't.

My neighbor bought a 2001 Dakar despite my very strong suggestions that he at least try the XR650 and the KLR650. He wanted a BMW so he bought the Dakar and has had nothing but problems with it.

I realize that with reunification some of the supply sources that BMW could be using may not be up to snuff as far as quality is concerned, but some of it has been appalling. Porous head castings, junk wheel bearings, poor gaskets, this is the sort of thing I'd expect to find on a URAL, not on a BMW. I doubt you heard about the K1200 RS engines throwing rods - we had a

few of them come through the dealership. BMW ordered those engines shipped back poste haste - and quickly (and quietly) supplied new ones. At least they did that!

The servicing issues with the F650 (one example, the torque values for the oil drain plug - oops!) are also a sad testimony on where this company has gone. This is to say nothing of the vast number of customer complaints of poor service and "price gouging" by dealers. All this and nobody will admit the least bit of responsibility.

For the last few years I have worked the CYCLE WORLD Motorcycle Show - on the Triumph side. I simply cannot sell BMW products anymore. Their engineering is superb, but the execution is so damn awful that I cannot, in good conscious, recommend them to anyone.

Thanks very much for your continued support of all the F650 owners. If they built a bike that was half as good as a Honda, I'd buy it. Unfortunately, I don't believe they do.

<name withheld>

Marty Roach e-mail


Given your current negotiations with BMW I thought you might find this

exchange I had with Marty Roach interesting.

Andy #618

(ed - from the Chain Gang, sent to me via private e-mail)


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Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2000 10:55 AM

Subject: RE: Customer Service Contact

Mr. Sorenson:

I agree with much of what you say. The following are my opinions as an observer, not as a participant.

In my opinion, simultaneously relocating the production and redesigning the motorcycle was not the best idea. The redesigned F 650 arrived late and has had problems, notably the fuel tank. On the other hand, building what would have amounted to an orphan 650 would not have been acceptable either. Should the older F 650 been sold here in the U.S. for 2001? Not sure.

The rate at which BMW responds to inquires could be faster, though the same could be said for any organization. However, I cannot think of any manufacturer that is willing to hang its dirty linen in public. Would Jacques Nasser of Ford be making commercials and visiting TV talk shows unless the threat of Federal action loomed? Doubtful.

In addition, that act would get old rather quickly. As someone who spends a fair portion of his life as an advocate (human shield?) for BMW, I can say that a more proactive approach would be welcomed. It would preserve my sanity if nothing else. At present, the pervasive attitude revolves around the premise "if it is broken, we will fix it. Your complaint has been noted. Please be patient".

I am not a true insider at BMW, but it would be hard to discount a siege mentality if it existed here. The entire company is frankly obsessed with being profitable enough to remain as an independent manufacturer. It appears strange that same corporate culture that builds F 650's, M5's, Z8's, and K 1200 RS's, is the same organization that will not admit that there are any problems of any kind. It can be very confusing. As I spend more time here, it is becoming more clear why this is the case: on a basic level, you need to be stubborn and proud (arrogant?) to make products this unique and of such high quality.

I will pass your comments along. They are some of the better ones that I have read in the past few months and will no doubt strike a chord with people here.


Marty Roach

BMW Motorcycles

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