NEW!!! - Modifications to my frame and suspension

This is a quick series of photos which I will add substantial text and explanation to later.

The photos are a result of our decision to replace the BMW frame with a reinforced BMW frame, the replacement of the stock Dakar suspension with a 250mm WP USD suspension, and major changes to the bike's controls and rider cockpit.

I just got these back and wanted to put them up - so here they are. As is the standard on my site, clicking on a file will take you to the original large format picture - available later when I have more time and organize the pictures more.

Sorry that this page takes long to load as I just put them all up on this page..


David H. Park

Frame - sub-frame mounting nut (pre-reinforcement), top view

Frame - sub-frame mounting nut (pre-reinforcement), inside view

Jim - Getting Ready for Disassembly

Jim - the bike wizard - taking it apart

Bike - left

Bike - right

Frame only - from back

Frame only - from side

Frame only - Top clamp and front stem

Front control cables - standard setup

Engine hoses - closeup

I'm manufacturing replacement hoses with reinforcement from Krontec.

Disassembly - without the rear sub-frame and wheel

front - WP 250mm USD suspension in new frame

Chain Roller

Engine Only !!! - This is all that was left...

rear - WP 250mm USD suspension in new frame

Frontal view - suspension length

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