Fuel Nanny - Possible solution for BMW fuel injection problems

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As part of my effort to get BMW to address the continued reported problems with the F650GS surging/stalling, I contacted the people at Techlusion, manufacturers of the 'Fuel Nanny'. The goal of this contact was to learn from them what they thought the problem was with the bike as well as the why and how their system performed as a solution.

I was prompted to take this next step by two events.

1. A series of communications with John Leonardo a fellow F650GS rider who contacted me through the Chain Gang. John is an veteran motorcyclist who has been frustrated and stymied by BMW's approach to solving the problem. His situation is further complicated by the fact that he bought the bike in Texas and the bike was now in Hawaii very far from the nearest dealer. He and I have traded e-mails and phone calls discussing what the problem could possibly be as well as BMWNA's approach to working with owners to get the problem fixed. As John is a highly technical owner I thought that if he had a direct conversation with Techlusion to discuss the products merits and if it worked for him - then this would be a major step forward in confirming the Fuel Nanny as a way to solve this bike's problem.

2. A chance meeting with Jason Slutsky, another F650GS rider who also contacted me through the Chain Gang (to buy my excess parts from my GS which became a rallye bike). Jason is another experienced motorcyclist having owned and ridden many bikes since he was ten years old. He is on his second F650GS and couldn't stop talking about the Fuel Nanny over lunch.

Being a person that likes to believe in other people's direct experiences if I deem them to be reputable and knowledgeable, after meeting with Jason over lunch and hearing about the Fuel Nanny, I decided to call and introduce myself to the people at Techlusion. Since the surging and stalling issue still seems to exist within the BMW F650GS community there has been lots of talk about the Fuel Nanny as a possible solution on the Chain Gang web site (www.f650.com) - so I wanted to hear firsthand from the company's principals to decide for myself how the product could perform as a fix for the F650GS's problems.

The Conversation...

In my role as a technology analyst, venture capitalist, and investment banker I often talk to company management, technologists, and other analysts. With people's approval I digitally record these conversations to be able to review them later as well as share them with other interested parties. I asked both Rick of Techlusion and John Leonardo if I could record their conversation stepping back to let them have a direct conversation without coaching.

What has resulted from this was a great 22 minute exchange where Rick presented the product's technical design, functionality, and benefits to John with John asking technical and operational questions which typical people would want to know. In order to further expand the base of knowledge regarding this possible solution I've posted a copy of this conversation here (with full approval of Rick and John).

If you're even remotely interested in learning about the Fuel Nanny or fuel injection systems (particularly with regards to how the problem exists and could be fixed on the BMW F650GS) then I highly recommend that you DOWNLOAD the file and listen to it on your computer.

At the end of the conversation John was convinced that the solution would work for him and Techlusion was kind enough to send both him and Jimmy Lewis (both of CycleWorld magazine and the BMW Rallye Team) two units for installation and test. At one point in the recording you'll hear my cell phone ring and me talking (somewhat) in the background - this was Jimmy calling and I apologize if I'm too loud. But otherwise, enjoy listening to the conversation and please send me comments on what you think regarding this.

For the record, I'm not affiliated with Techlusion in any way - I'm just taking this step as I always do to bring more clarity to the marketplace and benefits to BMW owners. In addition to getting these units tested - I've arranged for Techlusion to make a presentation at the BMWRA rally and hopefully will be facilitating a meeting with BMWNA as well in the near future (If BMWNA is willing to receive a unit, Techlusion is willing to send them one).

Overall, I was impressed with the way that Techlusion not only understood the technical problem but were willing to work with the EPA, CARB (California Air Resource Board), and other regulatory agencies/technical partners to make their technology a standard part of OEM's fuel injection systems going forward. I portend great things from Techlusion based on their previous track record and their approach to the marketplace <but that's another story.....>


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