Thank you!!!

I've tried to mention a few of the people who have helped put the bike together. I decided to configure the bike this way based on my own personal experiences and research. What you may decide to do may be different according to your own tastes.

These are not commercial endorsements, I simply want to thank the following people for their help:

441 Cycle
Fred Myers
Ft. Lauderdale FL

Fred sold me my first bikes in the early '90s and was kind enough to let me get the GS Dakar from my local dealer after first buying a used 2000 F650 as the starting project bike. He runs a great dealership and is fun to deal with.

Over the years I've bought a few bikes from Fred and watched his shop grow. I'm planning on bringing my F650GS Dakar to him when I'm done with a loop of Latin America - I'm sure that the service on this one will be fun!

If anybody wants to buy a bike anywhere in the southeast - I've dealt with most of the dealers and it's definitely worthwhile to go to Fred.

California BMW Triumph
Kari Praeger
Mountain View, CA

Kari's dealership is unique. They are big enough to provide all kinds of service and expertise yet maintain a very personal interest and touch.

I'm super thrilled that they are my local dealer and am very happy with all of the assistance and work that they've done on my bikes to get them ready to go.

Eli in service is an off-road aficionado who's practical advice and can-do attitude makes my day, the whole parts dept puts up with my strange orders, and the rest of the staff delivers the best customer service in the business.


Touratech AG
Niedereschach, Germany
+49 (0) 7728 9279-0

The kings of BMW off-road accessories. These guys epitomize German engineering and specialty purpose parts. If they sell something they've most likely designed and used it themselves.

Touratech is a professionally run company with a high tech edge producing GPS software, touring computers, and supporting team and privateer rallye efforts.

Jochen and his team deliver on their promise. I have never been disappointed with any of their products and the personal service has been excellent! 

Ride West BMW
Seattle, WA

Keith and Ann Thye are quality owners of a committed BMW dealership similar to Fred Myers of 441 Cycle. I bought my 1991 BMW R100GS PD from them sight-unseen (via the Internet) and was pleased with their customer service and delivery of the bike.

I've since been back to purchase Ortlieb bags and a variety of Touratech parts from the Touratech USA manager Roger Hargraves who gets lonely if I don't call at least once a week.

While I haven't used them for service yet I know that they do a good business up in the Pacific Northwest and consider them one of my dealers of choice.

Seattle, WA

I started dealing with Cycoactive because of their BarPack product recommended by Heldge Pedersen. What I found was that they were also very knowledgeable with GPS systems and other useful things as well.

Also a company that actively tests and uses their products, I purchased my GPS from them and have otherwise been very happy with their products such as the BarPack.

Custom Metal
Belmont, CA

Custom Metal is the shop that fabricated the rear seat that which I designed. In the matter of a few days I had the prototype which worked perfectly throughout my Baja trip.

I simply want to thank the guys there for getting this job done under an impossible timetable and in proper fashion.

Zoom Cycle
Santa Clara, CA

I discovered Zoom Cycle after visiting the rest of the off-road motorcycle shops in the Silicon Valley area. I wish that I had found them first as all of the other stores (except CalBMW) were really second rate (sales assistance, service, selection, price, everything!).

The great thing about Zoom is that they are a stocking dealer. They have a ton of parts for just about every kind of off-road bike you want plus the special knowledge, reasonable prices, and good service that puts a smile on your face.

While they don't have stuff specifically designed for the F650, they have been helpful in showing me stuff made for other bikes then working on getting it fitted to the BMW.

For off-road stuff such as protective gear, goggles (Oakley), helmets (Arai), boots (Alpinestar), etc. - I get everything from Zoom as they have the best on-site selection and always make sure that everything fits right.


A big thanks as well to Doc Wong and the people who put on his dirt riding clinic as well as the training staff at BMW's enduro school in Hechlingen.

David H. Park