Various dirt bikes at the 2001 Barcelona International Motorcycle Show

Photo - Husqvarna stand at the show

There was only so many pictures that I could take without losing interest so the rest of the photos reflect a variety of different bikes that were at the show. Since I've started dual-sport riding, I've lost a slight bit of interest in road racing bikes. Not that they are bad, just that I'm really into seeing what other people/companies do with their dirt bikes and learning from this.

For most/all of these photos, I didn't stop and gather detailed technical information so if you want to know something more about these bikes, don't ask me, go to the manufacturers. Sorry, it's just that I'm not a professional motorcycle journalist paid to cover the show in infinite detail - so sue me...

Sincerely, hope that you all enjoy the pictures.

Misc. dirt bikes

Photo - Gas Gas 250

A basic 250 MXer that I've heard is pretty impressive for the price.

Photo - Husaberg 650

This was one of the bikes that I'd like to try. It looks like a good
combination of weight and features.

Photo - Husqvarna 125

A basic 2 stroke from one of the market leaders.

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