Misc. Photos - 2001 Barcelona International Motorcycle Show

Photo - Custom trailer

Not a bike, a moving workshop.

So, here I'm going to simply put the rest of the pictures that I took which didn't fit into one category or another. As my time was somewhat limited due to the Spanish 2 hour lunch and siesta (not that I minded), when I left at 1:30 I was basically done for the day.

I've spared you pictures of people playing Sony Playstation 2 motorcycle games and bored exhibitors drinking coffee in their booths. If you want that particular experience I suggest that you check out your local show when it comes through your area..

Seriously again though, the show was a fun diversion for my Friday morning. Definitely walkable in a few hours with many interesting products to see. After having gone to a few of these now, it's pretty clear that there aren't too many breakthrough products in the industry - only relentless technical progress and a huge parts business behind it all.

I hope that you enjoyed the photos. Feel free to drop me a line with any comments or questions.

Regards and happy motoring,

David H. Park

Misc. Bikes - Japanese, Korean!, Italian, and Spanish

Photo - Honda TransAlp

While not technically a dirt bike, the Honda TransAlp shown here had a 900cc engine.
It's a big dual sport going after the comfort/touring market.

Photo - Hyosung stand

So you've never heard of Hyosung, well neither had I. But that didn't
stop this Korean manufacturer from trying to cash in on the cruiser craze.
No pizzazz here, just the blue and white logo - like Hyundai!

Photo - Furia?

I think that this is a Furia? Anyways, it had nice Showa upside-down
forks and looked like a basic dirt bike with few tricks.

Photo - MotoGuzzi V11 Sport

Two-valve pushrod and rocker air-cooled 90 V-twin; 1064cc; 6 speed; floating 320mm front brake
w/Brembo gold, 4 pistons; rear brake - single disc, 282mm, Brembo Gold, 2 pistons;
120/70 17" front;170/60 17" rear, 219kg weight.

(thanks to maxwell a fellow Chain Gang member for catching the earlier typo)


Photo - Rieju

Apparently a popular brand in Spain.

Photo - WP road racing forks

The WP distributor in Spain is a one-man operation from the Netherlands.
He was packed between a bunch of exhibitors but had the goods and knew his stuff.
Spain has lots of GP races so I'm sure he does good business.

Photo - Rail guards & Police Bikes

The old and the new. I took this because I love the European paint/striping scheme on
police bikes. This was actually in a booth of a Spanish company that made guardrails. Apparently they
have been designing new products that are made safer for motorcyclists and not just cars. Hurrah!

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