BMW Biker's Meeting, Seefeld, Austria, July 2001

After doing some business in Paris and Monaco, I flew back to Stuttgart to get the transporter (LKW Mercedes Sprinter) and drove back to Niedereschach to pick up my repaired rallye bike. Then I drove on south and east through the Alps to arriving at Seefeld around 11pm. The drive, due to the mountains, took longer than I expected and some of the route was confusing because I was so tired, but nonetheless I was excited to finally be at the 1st International BMW Biker's Meeting.

Making a long story short, I was fairly bored with just sitting around waiting for people to show up and hanging at the beer tent alone wasn't my idea of a good time - so the first day I took off to ride around and find some dirt roads. There wasn't too much dirt available to ride so I took a circular route through the mountains.

Eventually, I had an accident (read on) whereby I broke my left fibula. Details are in the story including some great ambulance shots. :-) Suffice it to say I really screwed up my trip in this fashion and owe a big thanks to Herbert from Touratech for driving my transporter (truck) back to his shop with my bike.

Will I be back next year if BMW has this event - sure, why not. Happy riding.

David H. Park

Table of Contents

1.    BMW Festival - a few pictures from the 1st International Biker's Meeting held at Seefeld, Austria

2.    Jean Pierre Goy - World famous stuntman

3.    BMW Helmets - the new System 4 EVO

4.    DHP Rallye bike in Austria - some random pictures from my ride in Austria

5.    Oops, forgot my license plate! - some random pictures from my ride in Austria

6.    DHP's accident in Austria - pictures from the accident scene, ambulance ride, hospital, and trip home

7.    X-Ray & scar - pictures of X-ray and scar, description of bone break and surgical procedure

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