France - Touratech 1st Travel Event - Avignon

Mutual camera admiration society!

The trip wasn't all bikes and riding, there were nice cities to see and places to go hang out in. I chose to go to Avignon on one of my solo rides. Saving myself from repeating (or copying) other people's travel and history text's I refer you to or just look up the city's information on the web.

I chose to go to Avignon because of the state of it's preserved medieval walls (fortress) and the bridge made famous in the song that every kid learning French has to sing. Plus I wanted to see what a larger town in this part of the country was like. I wasn't disappointed at all.

Photo - Avignon, walled city, <click to enlarge>

This picture taken from a bridge outside the city was the best shot from a distance that
I found which shows the extent of the walls and their style.

Photo - Avignon, bridge <click to enlarge>

From the same viewpoint you can see the bridge.
I just got this picture off as before the car got into the frame (I was stopped).

Photo - Avignon, inside the walls, <click to enlarge>

Inside the walls you get a good feeling for a protected town.
Riding the Rallye bike through here was like riding in an echo chamber with the
sweet sound of the exhaust rattling off the ancient walls.

Photo - Avignon, open air cafe, <click to enlarge>

There were many nice open air cafe's this being the nicest one (IMO).
As I was touring I didn't feel the need to stop except to take this picture.
Too many cafes... too little time...

Photo - Avignon, central plaza <click to enlarge>

I believe that this building in the central plaza houses a museum. It wasn't on my itinerary nor did
I have the time so I had to pass, but at least next time I know where it is!

Photo -Avignon, skatepark <click to enlarge>

If you need any further proof that youth all over the world are becoming more or less
the same in their entertainment and activities you need look no further than this skateboard park
located right outside the walls (over the new bridge) from Avignon. Here the teenagers hung out,
listened to music, and otherwise got narly with a 990 McTwist followed by a front rail side slide and reverse grab fakie.

Got that! Well that's the end of this story. Hope that you enjoyed the short trip report and photos.

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