France - Touratech 1st Travel Event - The Bikes

Mutual camera admiration society!

Okay, enough already... You don't care really who I met nor if I had a good time. You came to see the bikes!

Admittedly, looking at new machines and how people have changed them for their needs, desires, pleasure, whatever is fascinating. I wish that I had more time to take pictures of some of the bikes but then that would be a full time job. So I just try to grab the occasional snapshot of what I run across that I find interesting. If you've visited other sections of my site you'll have seen some pictures of sidecar rigs. Perhaps I'm taking these gearing up mentally for one day owning/driving a hack. Perhaps it's just because they are very unique and owner-centric motorcycles (I can call them that, yes).

Anyways, I did take a few pictures of some bikes so without further delay scroll down to see them (if you already haven't skipped my intro...)

Photo - R100 GS PD sidecar rig, <click to enlarge>

If the tall lanky German guy on the right looks intrigued or confused it is because he is.
This was a serious bike with carbon fiber protected exhaust, dual shocks up front (see them),
a high fender, solo seat, and trick wheels. It was setup for off-roading and the owner did a demo
where he flung it around a bit. Impressive to say the least (and gutsy).

Photo - R1150GS hiding in grass, <click to enlarge>

This bike was typical of what you saw at the rally. Big tank, Touratech seat, and other modifications.
See how high the grass was! It was a real tribute to the many years of hard work by Touratech to have so many
dedicated customers show up with all of their products proudly displayed (and in active use!).

Photo - Touratech gang and Pumpkin Rallye Bike, <click to enlarge>

While the Touratech people were super busy with taking care of things they did take time
to stroll around. That's Jo on the left, Herbert, two unknown customers, and Melanie.
The orange rallye bike was in front of my tent and Herbert asked me to switch with Andrea Mayer
so that she could test it. How could I say no... Besides it was his bike. :-)

Photo - DHP with Patrick's bike, <click to enlarge>

Here I am waiting to talk to Patrick about his experiences with the bike.
In the background you can see other people testing the Rallye bike that I rode for the day.

Photo - Sidecar built for speed, <click to enlarge>

A sporty sidecar rig to say the least. It was all all brand affair at the Touratech Rally.

Photo -The 'naked' boxer, <click to enlarge>

There were very nice boxers all around. Most all in excellent condition and with interesting modifications.
This bike looks 'street' but has a modified cockpit. It was a real scorcher on the pavement.

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