BMW Pavillion-2001 Barcelona International Motorcycle Show

Photo - BMW Pavillion

The F650GS was well represented at the show among the whole BMW line.

BMW advertising was everywhere at the show. From the outside entrances to the main floor - if you couldn't tell that BMW was on a roll and proud to be advertising their complete line - then you just were walking around with your eyes closed. Apart from the 'tour de force' of marketing strength - as usual they had a well designed and orderly booth.

The first bike that I came upon was this new R1150R. Normally, I'm not one for roadster design, although I have been known to want a Ducati Monster every now and then. With the clean lines of the BMW, boxer powerplant, and proven Telever suspension - I'd classify this as a more suave version of a 'naked' roadster.

I liked the trick bodywork up front and the clean lines in the back. I bet that this is a best seller all over the world wherever good design is appreciated (and ridden!).

Click on the photo above or here for a 15 sec MPEG movie of the BMW Pavillion.

BMW Pavillion

Photo - BMW R850R

Continuing on with the roadster look a few feet over from the R1150R was it's smaller version the R850R.
This bike sits a bit lower to the eye and has cool radiators sticking out in front.

Photo - Looking over the bike

The paint job on this bike was very nicely done and I like the lines of the seat
combined with the tank. Everything else was standard BMW fit and finish.

Photo - The view from the front

A classic looking roadster from modern parts...

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