BMW Police Bikes-2001 Barcelona International Motorcycle Show

Photo - BMW R1100RTP

Comfortable and speedy with full wind protection. Nice!

My facination with BMW Motorcycle started looking at various European policemen riding these cool machine with lights and sirens. Today, more so than ever, the top motorcycle manufacturers are competing for government business in the form of "Authority Bikes" for police and military use. The extra volume which these contracts give create a positive ripple effect through the marketplace for those consumers of the same manufacturer's brand and makes. Parts become less expensive, service problems become more readily apparent, and profits grow which enable future re-investment in new designs.

BMW showed it's complete line of police bikes which hold the largest percentage of the marketplace and are generally considered to be the top brand. Recently BMW NA made a concerted effort to re-introduce the Authority line to the North American marketplace. I believe that they have had many significant wins including the world-famous California Highway Patrol (CHiPs).

Anyways, enough info. While I don't like getting tickets any more than the next guy and fortunately have a clear record for quite some time now - there is a definite need for quality police transportation which these bikes are aiming to fufill.

BMW Police Bikes - various models

Photo - BMW C1, police model

Looks like it came directly from BladeRunner. Does it fly???

Photo - BMW R850 Police

In standard dress for more conservative local agencies.
Note the fire extinguisher in front of the rear case.

Photo - BMW R850 and F650 Police, front

If either of these bikes appear in your rear view mirror you might
have done something wrong, then again maybe not...

While the R and K bikes have been used for some time now as police bikes, the newer C and F series are just getting into the game. BMW Espana confirmed that the F series has been selling well as a police vehicle so I took care to take more detailed photos of this. As the F is overall less expensive to acquire and maintain, plus is offers excellent performance and handling - smaller towns have been adding the F as basic motorcycle transport for their officers while the larger towns hav been augmenting moped patrols with the capable and comfortable C series. 

Photo - BMW F650 and C series, police versions

Two of the newest police models side by side.

Photo - BMW F650, lights and cockpit

The F650 Police version has a nice curved windscreen.
Turn signals are like the standard bike while flashers are added in front.

Photo - BMW F650, left controls

The left controls are standard but covered switches for flashers and siren
are added. Notice the grayed out area in the speedometer!

Photo - BMW F650, left controls

I guess that the speaker attachment is for telling you to PULL OVER!

Photo - BMW F650 light pole, police version

The telescoping light pole neatly attaches to the rear sub-frame.

Photo - BMW F650 siren

Everything else on the bike, engine, radiator, etc. is the same.
No, the siren is not an available option for consumers!

Photo - BMW F650 Police top-case

Now this is neat. The top case has a special cord-out which goes to the rear deck.
The radio electronics and stuff for the light pole normally goes inside the top case.
It might be neat for us regular consumers through to have this top case with the
special bottom access for cables.

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