Pegaso 650-2001 Barcelona International Motorcycle Show

Photo - Aprilla Pegaso 650

Comfortable and speedy with full wind protection. Nice!
Italian version of BMW F650 series.

As I own a 2001 BMW F650GS Dakar, I tend to follow what other brands are using the Rotax engine in a similar configuration. Besides BMW, Aprilla has a model known as the Pegaso also in a similar 650 designed bike. Many older BMW F series riders (Funduro, ST) and current F650GS riders constantly make reference to this bike either quoting its lower cost or similar capabilities.

The show offered me a good chance to get up and close with this bike so I took some closeup pictures for comparison.

Overall, I wasn't impressed with the fit and finish of the bike, but that was to be expected given the manufacturer's overall position in the marketplace and approach to final product build quality. While I didn't get a chance to ride it, from my observations, I still would prefer the BMW product given the warranty and worldwide  service/support network.

However, take a look at the pictures and make up your own minds.

Aprilla - Pegaso 650 closeup

Photo - Pegaso 650 ready-to-go

A happy Spaniard in the market for a bike

Photo - Pegaso 650, cockpit

For me, definitely not as well designed as the BMW cockpit - but
I guess that this one costs a bunch less to manufacture.

Photo - Pegaso 650, front wheel area

The front fender was more 'aero' and the lights integral to the body,
but otherwise the front undercarriage was about the same.

Photo - Pegaso 650, engine views

The shift levers were even cheaper than the ones that BMW used.
Note the cooling reservoir (I think) tucked into the bottom of the engine protection plate.
Everything else is pretty much the same with thick black beams for the frame.

Photo - Pegaso F650, front and rear view

From the front the 'cat eye' light fixture looks 'faster' than the standard BMW F.
It's purely a case of Italian 'go fast' styling to increase "sex appeal". (-ed)

Rear exhaust is twin tailed but with even pipes unlike the F650.

Photo - Pegaso 650, drivetrain

Note that they also use a cheap plastic guard but at least
they have the common sense not to extend it around the tire!

Photo - Pegaso 650, rear shock, brake, footpegs

I pay particular attention to details such as mounting points on the swingarm,
foot peg locations, etc. The Pegaso didn't look like it accepted many modifications
here which is probably fine for it's intended market but not for off-road usage.

Photo - Pegaso 650, rear luggage rack

Custom designed for holding bread, pasta, and cheese.
Honestly, I didn't think that anyone could design something worse than the BMW
standard rear valence but this one definitely does BMW one worse.

Photo - Pegaso 650, police version

Okay. You've been warned. Next time you're in Italy and you see this bike
you'll know what your R1200RS is up against, right?

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