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As this web site has grown I really haven't spent too much time on figuring out how to make it more navigable and maintain a complete listing of the various stories and sections.

So this page is a quick attempt to help visitors find their way around. What I've decided to do is create a listing of stories detailing when they happened in chronological order/when I built the pages - so that I can try to place them in order on the web site. If you follow the stories here in order you should see some form of logical progression through my travels and the bikes development.

Therefore this page is the best place from which to find everything on the web site as each time I create a page or section it will get listed here. I will create links on the main page for top stories but some of the hidden gems can only/best be found here. Some sections get pretty detailed with many photos and descriptions so you'll have to dig a bit if you want every last tidbit of detail.

Hope this helps. Will work on other ways to pull the site together as time permits.


David H. Park       

1.    Baja Dec 2000 - The first story covering my trip to Baja California and preparing the F650GS. This was the reason why I created this web site.

2.    F650GS Dakar Modifications - part of the Baja Dec 2000 story but a quick way to get just to some of the basic initial modifications that I made to the bike at that time. I'm going to build a new set of pages showing the bike as it has progressed through development in the future but if you're interested in what I did or what you can do - this is where you'd start.

3.    Touratech's Schalber Rallye Replica Bike -  This was a set of pages that I created to capture some of the early information available from Touratech about their F650GS based rallye bike. I went to Germany for meetings with them and BMW and spec'd out the bike including taking some of the first detailed photos. These I used in my design decision process for changes to my F650GS and eventually (as of June 2001) I took delivery of a complete Touratech built F650GS Schalber Rallye bike (but that's another story).

4.    BMW R900RR - I had the good fortune of being in Barcelona during the Motorcycle Show and spent some time at BMW's booth taking detailed pictures of Nani Roma's R900RR. These I used in comparison with the Touratech pictures to spec out some additional modifications and learn more about what went in to building a factory spec rallye bike. This engagement also brought me back in to contact with the team at HPN but that is another story...

5.    Barcelona Moto Show - A personal report from the Barcelona Moto show including the BMW pavillion's display of Police Bikes and some unique bikes from a variety of other manufacturers.

6.    Scotts Disc Guard - The first page that I put up soliciting orders for a product that I wanted to have designed and made available for the F650GS and GS/Dakar. Since then the part has been produced and is available from CalBMW, A&S Cycle, Lone Star BMW, Bob's BMW, and Engle Motors. Contact the dealers first as they have all of the info now and can reorder from Scotts if need be. I'm happy to say that while this took a bit of work to get done, I'm thrilled with the result and hope that the people who also ordered these disc guards are happy with the product as well.

7.    Key Vendor Section - This is a simple page listing some of the vendors that I've had excellent personal dealings with. It is not meant to be a comprehensive list of parts or vendors for BMW or the F650 series, just a 'thank you' page for people that I've worked with or purchased things from in the process of enjoying my motorcycling activities.

8.    BMW's Enduro Park - A series of pages detailing the BMW Enduro Park training facility in Hechlingen, Germany along with some of my experiences there. I really love this place and try to go as often as I can (3x now). I've got some 15 second video clips from the last time that I went (June 2001) including BMW Factory Rider, Andrea Mayer doing her thing on my Touratech Rallye. This is a pretty big section of the web site.

9.    Touratech fuel tanks and headlight kit F650GS - One of the things that many owners of the F650GS who use it for adventure travel talk about is the smallish fuel tank ~4.5 US gal=17L. Touratech as a result of their work in building the F650 Schalber Rallye had Elkamet build a modification of the larger fuel tanks for touring F650GS's. When I built this page there weren't any publicly available photos of these tanks and as of (8/01) the  tanks still aren't widely available. I've got these on order so in addition to these 'spy' photos I'll do a report on how we added them to my bike.

10.    Disassembled F650GS Dakar - This was the first of many times that my bike has come apart. We decided to change the suspension on the bike removing the stock suspension and upgrading to the WP USD 250mm suspension. At the same time we strengthened the frame as the rear subframe mounting nuts had broken after my trip to Mexico. If you're interested in seeing a bike in pieces down to just the engine - here's where you'd look. We also completely stripped down my second F650GS for shipping to Germany in order to build the Rallye bike but that's another story...

11.    Motorcycle Safety Foundation - Riders Safety Conference, Orlando Florida, February 2001. I attended the MSF rider safety conference held every 10 years to become more familiar with the people involved in the development of rider safety initiatives. There were a wide variety of viewpoints from ABATE and helmet law opponents to government officials, motorcycle manufacturers, and professional educators. This section includes a lot of video of trials riding and pocket bike races.

12.    Enduro Training Course with Jimmy Lewis - I'm very into training and was fortunate to get BMW's Dakar pilot, Jimmy Lewis to do a training session with me and some riding buddies. This series of pages covers what we learned and my follow-on trip through the desert from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. This training session was also covered by CityBike magazine in their July 2001 issue.

13.    Solo Seat for the F650GS Dakar - When I was in Germany in April 2001, I saw a BMW F650GS Dakar at the Motorradzentrum in Munich with a solo seat. This was a much talked about piece however nobody could seem to have recalled what it looked like or if it was available. I immediately bought the one unit that they had available, imported it to the US, and arranged for 12 other units to be brought in for other owners. These pages detail the initial find of the seat which can be ordered through CalBMW (they are familiar with the part #'s for the seat and the locking kit). * Please see the page titled "solo seat details-part 2"

14.    BMW C1 Test - I finally got a chance to test the BMW C1. These pages detail my brief test with this interesting and futuristic two-wheeled mode of transportation. Vroom!

15.    Motorcycle Taxi - When visiting my sister in London I decided to take a ride with PassengerBikes to and from London Heathrow. These pages detail the ride, the procedure, and my overall experience with this great way of getting to and from the airport.

16.    Germany April 2001 Trip - BMW F650s and R1150GS sidecar rigs in front of BMW's headquarters. Travel through southern Bavaria visiting Konstanz, the Bodensee, Deutsche Alpenstrasse plus visit classic medieval castles and witness stormy alpine weather.

17.    City Bike - August 2001 - Riding with Jimmy Article

18.    DHP's Touratech Rallye Bike - Closeups of the delivery of my Touratech F650 Schalber Rallye bike

19.    Didier Py's Rallye Bike - Exclusive photos of Paris-Dakar rider, Didier Py's bike in the Touratech conference room

20.    Marcus Dairy Super Sunday - A few photos of the Sept 2001 Super Sunday get together and a short dual sport ride with F650 riders

21.     Touratech Shop Pictures - A few photos of the inside of Touratech's offices and workshop areas for those curious to peek around.

22.     Patrick Zaniroli's crashed Touratech Rallye - A few photos of what happens to the bike when you crash in a rallye.

23.    BMW's 1st Annual Biker Meeting - Seefeld, Austria - pictures of the event, a story about a lost license plate and what Austrian police do about it, Jean-Pierre Goy's stunt bikes, BMW's carbon fiber System 4 helmet, plus pictures from DHP's crash and subsequent hospital visit.

24.    The broken fibula - DHP's crash, broken leg, and hospital visit in Seefeld, Austria

25.    Biancoblu - Motorcycle rental from Milan Italy

26.    Monaco Grand Prix - no race photos yet but misc. photos of Monaco and the F650GS Dakar in and around the area.

27.    Fuel Nanny conversation - a recorded conversation between Techlusion and John Leonardo a BMW F650GS owner who's bike stalls

28.    Andrea Mayer's F650RR - This is part of the section that I have on BMW's enduro park in Hechlingen but since this is a special bike (and person) I thought that I would give it a separate reference.

29.    X-Ray & scar pictures - Three pictures of the broken fibula with accompanying hardware and the scar taken 6 weeks post-op.

30.    Touratech - Orange Event - A biker rally/meeting of Touratech customers held in Orange France. Photos of the event, ride, new friends, and the walled medieval city of Avignon.

31.    Dual sport riding around New York City - forthcoming


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